Thursday, November 7, 2019

Work is successful by experienced guider

Just as a teacher of practical guidance is required for the education of worldly art skills and knowledge science, similarly for self-building, there is a need for a guide who has personal experience of self-building. The need for a guru has been emphasized a lot in spiritual texts because alone it is very difficult to find oneself. Do not automatically see your bad luck and do not know your progress properly. Just as the examiner can ascertain the knowledge and labor of the students in the same way, only the experienced street viewers can find out the internal state of the seeker.
The patient is not able to diagnose and treat his disease properly, in the same way, it is not easy for everyone to understand their progress and decline and find the way forward. It requires a suitable viewer. In ancient times, the great teaching of self-creation was considered to be an essential requirement for every person and then the selection of the Guru was also an essentially religious act. Although there has been a huge difference in many circumstances and needs of today's and ancient times, the need to show a suitable way for self-creation remains as it is. Whoever fulfilled this requirement, he won a big front of this struggle, it should be believed so.
What vicious tendencies are there in a person and what thoughts should be taken, which self-study, which meditation, what thoughts, what means should be practiced, cannot be explained here. Because there is some difference in the mind of each person compared to others and keeping that difference in mind, it can be possible to cleanse the person's endocrine. In the same way, in which a person's developmental is development-oriented, and to enhance them, such self-study, meditation, meditation, meditation, determination, and practice are necessary, it cannot be interpreted in writing because of the level of a person's morale. It is possible to identify them only by identifying them.
The purpose of cultivation is the refinement of the mind. Not only is everything filled in the deep cavity of the soul. All the power and power of God is inherent in his son's soul. Man is the successor of God, the crown prince. His prospects are great. He is the great man, the male jewel, the sage Maharishi, Success Samarth, the god incarnate. It is a great effort to remove all the vicious tendencies that have suppressed all his powers and put them in the position of a low-level creature. With this, all the buildings break bonds. From this, triviality changes into greatness. This is the result of the soul in the divine. Achieving this kind of success is more than attaining immense wealth, big rank, wide fame, immense force, and eternal opulence. Because these things can bring happiness for life only, but a life-free soul that gets rid of vicious tendencies is always entitled to eternal joy.
The practice of self-purification is very useful in terms of material, temporal progress and happiness. The wanderer walking on this path provides more and more enjoyable conditions in this world day by day. The doors of his progress open rapidly. From a spiritual point of view, this spiritual purification practice is a great effort. This is the fulfillment of a life goal. This is also the only way to salvation and heaven.

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