Thursday, November 7, 2019

The importance of prestige for people

It is seen that people like to name their children Ram-Krishna, Shiva-Shankar, Ran, etc. more. It is not dear to anyone to name Ra, Kansa. From this it appears that the prestige and respect of character is found more in people. This thing is not only found in every country, caste and culture. This proves the great importance of character. The fame of fame, fame and respect are not the successes of the outer world. Fame body remains immortal for ages based on his inner superiority. Nobody would know who became the greatest wrestler in the sixteenth century, who is the richest person two centuries before the birth of Jesus, there is no mention of them anywhere in history, but Lord Ram, Krishna, Harish, Shiva the biographies of the great personalities are still remembered by the people.
Dishonest people cannot maintain their external powers for long. Their plight is obvious by walking on misdeeds.

As a result, their life gets degenerated day by day and they have to constantly suffer hellish devices, but bad times have proved to be a boon for the person of character. Harish reclaimed his lost kingdom due to his characteristic feature, Ur curse proved to be a boon for over a period of time. Ra misdeeds resulted in destruction and Vi righteousness resulted in the throne of Lanka. Character always elevates man. Circumstances have gone the cherry of character men.
The moral virtue of work is considered to be the best character and criterion. In some sense, the term 'character' refers to decent work. In countries where the modesty between men and women is not certain, there is seen to be a huge descent. Western countries have lost their credit due to this devious trickery. Indian culture and society did not become less disturbed due to this hateful mischief based on Western principles. The unfortunate freedom of this venomous sexuality has made the entire social structure hollow today. Its side effects are also hurting people badly. Most of the scenes of health plight, incapacitation, kidnapping, murder and self-killings are visible today due to human character degradation.
Unless the boundaries of morality are fixed and misconduct is not banned, it is often impossible to establish peace and order in society. To remain pure from outside, to be pure, to conduct the best books, Man's progress is possible only on the basis of spiritual discourse, spiritual happiness. Self-control, self-control and speech not only bring happiness to oneself but also to those who come to their neighborhood and contact. The development of humanity is also possible, that others should treat themselves as their own and treat them well. These are all characteristics of a person of character. Those who inspire others for self-welfare can also be called true rich of character.

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