Thursday, November 7, 2019

Superiority emerge through self- restraint

Blasphemy, insinuation, lies, deceit, fraud, adultery, gluttony is all devilish tendencies. Only disastrous results are present from them. But through self-restraint and self-respect, all kinds of personal and social superiorities emerge. The foundation of character-practice is mental purity. In every small business and activities of life, mental status is affected. The result of spiritual purity is good to conduct, which brings happiness. Misdeeds arise from misdeeds, causing suffering, tribulation, and troubles. Therefore, by maintaining a sense of purity even in small tasks, character development occurs. By waking up early in the morning, one gets the privilege of being called a character only if we maintain a sense of purity in the deeds we have to do till we keep working for the whole day and go to sleep in the lap of the mother in the evening. It is a practice whose attainments are eternal.
The basis of character is religion. The maintenance of religious acts of mind, speech, and deed is called virtue. This creates a character. It is possible to protect the character from humanity. Therefore, keeping the religious sentiments liberally in his life, the character remains strong. Wisdom, wealth or body force cannot give happiness until humanity is formed in character, religion in the intellect and matter are formed from the body.
One needs to awaken one's spiritual power to become a character. Austerity, self-control, and patience make the soul strong. Self-power declines only by thinking about sexuality, gluttony, and sensual pleasures. Self-power is not awakened if difficulties and troubles are not found in your life. Unless the feeling of suffering and hardships comes to the heart, then the imagination of becoming a character cannot take shape.
Literature has great importance for character building. By reading the life stories of great men, there is a desire to become like that too. Literature that provides strength and perseverance to ideas gives a great sum in self-construction. This awakens internal characteristics. Inspirations derived from good books act as true friends. This leads to knowledge of the right direction of life. In contrast, pornography causes degeneration. Always keep a hundred curses away from the literature which stimulates the senses. They corrupt the character. While choosing the literature, it is necessary to see whether the subjects have been edited following humanity or not. If a book is found like this, then try to make your life higher by the ideals described by considering it as the true Ramayana, Upanishads, then the time of character organization starts to be fulfilled automatically.

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