Thursday, November 7, 2019

Simplicity is an introduction to man's greatness

Our clothes and food also affect our thoughts and lifestyle. Fabulous, tight and weird fashion clothes do not fail to make a bad impact on the brain. Be careful with them every watch. Simplicity and simplicity in clothes are an introduction to man's greatness. It does not cause difficulty on any occasion. They have a very gentle effect on the purity, purity of mind and intellect. This is also the case with food and drink. The simplicity and simplicity of the diet make the idea the same. The substance is weakened by stimulants like chili, spices, meat, and animalism is awakened. Food and drink are required to remain healthy and not to pollute the mind. The taste buds in the diet produce dementia. Therefore, whatever food is taken, if it is to save a life, then emotions also become upward.
Character protection should be done at every cost. It is not right to ignore even its small tasks.

The above requirement is fulfilled by getting up, sitting, conversing, the following modesty even during the entertainment. The symbol of civilization has been regarded as the sac, simple life, and high thoughts. This includes sweetness and cleanliness in life. A new light emerges by destroying all the filth of life, by which people fulfill their life goals and also make others happy and benefit. Life is a cultivation character of meaningfulness. This is also the basis of true happiness. Therefore, the effort should be that our character should always be bright, be curious.
Man is his artisan himself. Initially, it is produced as a conscious body. With his birth, he is neither virtuous, nor intelligent, nor scholar nor possessive of any specialty. God gives birth to him in the form of a human idol and carries with him useful powers in seed form. After this, all the work has to be done by the man himself. According to his responsibility, he is free to do his work in a qualifying or inept manner.
The initial man, who came in the form of a human body, starts developing his own according to his lineage. According to their wisdom and judgment, one becomes rich, one becomes a scholar, one becomes a businessman and some a laborer. If someone becomes a sinner then someone becomes a saint. Man can make many types of construction. There is no one form of human creation, there are innumerable forms and types. But they can be divided into two types. An excellent construction, another inferior construction.
 Human beings can build anything, grow in any field or any direction if it has included superiority in it, then its construction will be called excellent construction and if it incorporates inferiority in it then its construction will be considered inferior. For example, if he grows his wealth in the field of wealth as rich but uses evil means and measures in its accomplishment, then he must say that he is making his construction of poor quality. If he embodies the means and measures embellished with truth, Shiva and beautiful in its accomplishment, then he has to say that he is making his construction of excellent quality. In this way, any self-creation of a human being is either of excellent quality or inferior quality.

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