Thursday, November 7, 2019

Keep patience for better result of work

It takes time from sowing seeds to sprouting, growing of plant, growing a full tree, and finally flourishing, but also have to try, but child who has just taken seed from it today becomes a tree and becomes day after tomorrow. We hope to see them laden with fruits and flowers, their enthusiasm does not stay long. On very first day, they apply water ten times in middle, ten times fertilizer, but when sprout and tree do not come in front, on second day they leave that effort disappointed and make their mind smaller.
Many people have same attitude as those children. They impatiently hope for great results and are not willing to put in as much labor and time as they need. They want everything quickly. If you are expected to enjoy such a great success by having such a child's intellect, then it will prove to be an evil one. blame is not of anyone but his haste. If we remove our child's agility and put into use patience and courage adopted by men of masculinity, then there will be no reason to be disappointed. Success must be found and such people also get it.
Whatever you do, be inspired by high ideals and take satisfaction in fact that what an honest and virtuous person should have done, we did it with full enthusiasm. Even if desired thing is not found, even if effort is not successful, there is no question of feeling sad, ashamed or shortening it, because success is not in hands of man. Many dutiful people fail due to contradiction of circumstances, but no one can blame them for this. If structure of your mind is similar to this, that without worrying about success and failure, then you remain satisfied in your duty, then you should understand that your vision is right, your happiness is in your fist. duty is completely in your hands, no one can stop it. If happiness has been based on duty devotion then your happiness is also in your grasp and it can be filled with joy, enthusiasm, and satisfaction in mind as well as self-generated due to duty like power generated by a dynamo. Is.
When your happiness can be kept in your fist and you know recipe for rejoicing every moment, then why not use same? Then why depend on fact that whenever you get success, you will be happy when you get desired thing? Issues can pass in this wait and it may happen that if success is not achieved, that wait will remain to wait for life. That is why this simple recipe has been told to us by lyricist, do not wait for fruit, do not pay too much attention to it, neither show impatience for success nor get upset over success. Keep your mind calm and healthy and perform your duty properly like a man of manhood. By doing this you will get peace in world and world will also improve.

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