Thursday, November 7, 2019

Follow Idealistic peoples for true worship

Construction is construction. No matter what it is - after all, it is creation - this expression cannot be recognized. If bad construction will also be recognized, then there will be no value or importance of excellence and superiority in world. real authority of construction noun can only be excellent construction, not inferior construction. If someone who has used unqualified and unfair measures to make himself rich or scholar, if he is considered rich and scholar, then who will be called a thief, a rascal or a thug, and what will be difference between this so-called rich and learned.
 One who has built himself based on hard work, effort, perseverance, and penance. achievements made by two opposing measures of Shiva cannot be given equal credit. If someone does or believes so, then he is either ignorant or a person of inferior nature. Excellent construction is construction and poor construction is a false activity.
Religion is basis of excellent creation. meaning of religion is that most people believe in worship, chanting, worship, devotion, etc. That is why by adding a small religious program with other programs of life, we understand that along with worldliness, they also carry out religion. Those who believe in ritual of worship, etc., do not understand that every work of world has a religion. He has some ideas and rules. Only those who follow ideal and rules of every work of life with program of worship can be called true religious.
If anyone wants to build his masterpiece by being confined only to prayer and chanting, he has to be disappointed. Excellent construction will be possible only when every activity in life will be done religiously. If someone keeps on worshiping, as well as making false, untruthful and dishonest in car-employment, conduct, it will only be of poor quality. In course of life, if one is not able to give time to religion of worship, if he remains honest, truthful and idealistic on foot-step, then his construction will be excellent. Due to that small deficiency, his life austerity cannot fail.
Truth and honesty are basis of life-maker religion. basis of what a human should say and think should be true. One who has made ideal of wealth for self-building, he should be completely honest in business he pursues wealth. If you shop, take whole weight, fair price. Give genuine goods, show right amount. Speak truth when telling item, price, and properties. price at which one customer gives item to another at same price. Do not keep things hidden to earn a profit. While not denying anyone. same policy should remain same as all old people. Notwithstanding anything from an unknown, ignorant or weak, to refuse or give a higher price and also to give inauspicious items to a knowledgeable, intelligent or powerful person at reasonable prices, is a great stigma in sacred work like trade.

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