Thursday, November 7, 2019

Fearlessness is a truthful joy of life

The soul of those who is free from fear and filth remains bright and bright. His power grows and becomes effective. A person with a bright and truthful spirit remains fierce and fearless in a thousand rascals and rascals in the same way as lonely people in a swarm of horns and pigs. Fearlessness is an eternal and inexpressible joy. It is achieved only by loyal, truthful words and true behavior. Truth is the best policy of life. The one who follows it is able to build its best in any field.
Man's soul is the best element and its best personality. Protecting the soul is said to be the best religion of man. The one who protected the soul, the principal part of the divine, made him strong and strong by the truth of his conduct, behavior, and actions, and freed him from the stool of fecal mutilation or maliciousness, and made him eager for his original element, the divine. As if he built his exact own.
Man is his artisan himself. He makes his own. Excellent construction is construction. Self-defense is considered to be the best formulation. For this construction, a man should adopt the truth and real policy. Truth is the best policy for the success of human life. Those who follow this, by making their place in any direction and in any field, in the end, they become officers of the highest rank.
Life is entangled with many problems. In solving those problems, a large part of our power is often spent in removing the obstacles on the progress path, yet few problems are solved, most of them remain confused. The reason for that imperfection is that we find solutions to every problem outside ourselves, while in reality it is hidden within us.
When there is a desire to get favorable conditions for whatever comes in life, which is interested, which suits. But there is no way that such situations should be found. Their meeting is not dependent only on the fact that we desire them, but only on the attainment of something or situation by the attainment of many things such as merit, hard work, opportunity, cooperation, means, and destiny - the opportunity to succeed with the desired desire Get. But who takes care of so many things while aspiring? Just as such a person could achieve this desire, why should we not get such sugary also, it is only on this that our desire is run. Like driving a cartridge without a gun, his goal remains incomplete. In this way, countless aspirations of uncountable people remain incomplete and they remain unhappy with this.

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