Thursday, November 7, 2019

Expand your self-esteem to get favorable chance

Human's natural nature is that he is very happy and happy after finding loved ones and loved things around him. As long as he feels his emotional state, he does not experience sorrow, grief or heat. In this way, if favorable things around us, dear person and desired situation continue to be desired, can we not remain happy and content throughout our life? Can live and stay for sure. conditions that keep you happy and content without any problems throughout life is state of life, which we can call paradise on earth.
If you want and expect such a paradise, then expand your self-esteem and get favorable and favorable circumstances. Abandon your stranglehold from today itself. Start distributing nectar of intimacy and offerings of love to people. Make your neighbors your family, other children your child, and move ahead to consider soul as your soul and behave same. Be ready to do same kind of sacrifice and service for them as you are ready to do for your loved ones and family. Be grieved by grief of others and happy in same way as you care for your loved ones and relatives. And then see if you get joy and satisfaction that is imagined in a democratic paradise.
pure and pointless thing is that love or praise is not to be wished for in return for its given affinity, and all good behavior should be kept alone on its behalf. joy and satisfaction in this selfless spirit are more than heavenly joy and satisfaction. However, it is natural to find intimacy in exchange for intimacy. Whoever gives love, he also gets love from him. One who treats himself as one behaves gets same affinity and behavior.
When people treat themselves as selfless people and behave accordingly by becoming kindred to others, then they cannot be deprived of any happiness, which can be imagined in a democratic paradise. This paradise of self-created earth is more true, more simple and more important. If you have created your heaven on earth by this spiritual remedy, then surely believe that in its salvation or reward, you will also get that heaven, which describes mind.
It is natural to have sorrows and mourning struggles in life. No living being can be saved from this. Happiness and sorrow are two similar aspects of human life. Happiness keeps coming after happiness and sorrow after happiness. Even if there is such a means that there is no opportunity for any misery, any lack or possibility of any conflict in his life, and he continues to have fun under favorable conditions, then one day his monotonous happiness will become cause of sorrow. He will get bored, tired of his monotony. He will be surrounded by an unpleasant dullness, which will make his heart full of sorrow and groan, he will feel sad. Nature cannot make an exception in its state of arrival of unhappiness and happiness in human life. Happy one will have to feel bitterness of sorrow and one who is sad at this time will get an opportunity to experience coolness of happiness for some reason.

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