Thursday, November 7, 2019

Employees should discharge their duties honestly

Merchants and factory-makers should sell unsold goods, do not send fake or inferior goods to the market, to avoid profiteering. Price-wise. Give appropriate remuneration to workers and employees. Avoid the policy of exploitation, profiteering and black marketing. With all these ideals, only those who achieve the goal of prosperity will be considered their creators in that direction.
Whose goal is to become a good worker, he should fill any work with full body and heart full time. Instead of increasing or decreasing your labor according to the amount of remuneration, be honest in every situation, that is, even if the remuneration is low, but keep the amount of your labor. Employees should discharge their duties and responsibilities honestly. Do not delay due to the fixed time for their work. Work with full-heartedness at all times. Do not leave work before the time is up. Avoid doom, revelation, etc. In this way, self-creation can be done by maintaining complete honesty and truth even in our ordinary works.
Some of the above-mentioned things are related to their duties and responsibilities. Now comes the widest area in ​​the world. In this area, the man should be more careful and restrained. This is the area in which man is most likely to be a rude businessman. Nowadays, betrayal, betrayal, and aphasia mean to say something, do something, do not complete what you say has become a common practice. Betrayal or betrayal is considered to be shrewdness in place of sin. People are betraying each other and start thinking of themselves as smarter.
People think that making work is fooling people in this way, while not following the promise given, not fulfilling by giving faith is a terrible sin. It has been condemned in all religions and all scriptures. Teachers have considered the basic truth of religion. Even if those who keep faith for a hundred births, who do not protect the faith and do not follow the promise, they cannot move even a step towards progress or development. True loyalty is the first step on which a person can move towards religion, high and superiority, spirituality and God. Truth is the root of all religions, from folk to the hereafter. Only the people who remain genuine in every subject, everything and every behavior can self-create their true selves in any direction.
Truth and honesty is the best policy of life. The reason for its supremacy is that there is neither fear nor doubt for the people who have faith in it. Dignity, pathetic and inferiority do not come in the character of honest men. Whoever speaks the truth, behaves truth, thinks real and is honest to all, how can there be any kind of fear for him? The honest man wanders fearlessly into the world and enjoys the most irresponsible behavior. He needs neither to be afraid of anyone nor to be suppressed. One who neither deceives nor steals any kind accomplishes as much as he says. Whose soul is free from heinous sins like treachery and betrayal, which neither has ill-will for anyone nor tries to deprive anyone.

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