Thursday, November 7, 2019

Desires of people for heaven

Almost everyone is eager to get heaven. Heaven is considered an achievement. It is the desire of a man that he should move from the place where he is. He gets those things which he does not have. Man is not only a living being, but he is also similar to the conscience element. The union of life and wisdom drives him to progress and progress. In which both these elements are present, they cannot keep from trying to move forward and rise. They will try their best for him.

Heaven is considered an achievement. It is also considered separate from the world. He has already found the world on the occasion of human birth. As, according to his nature, he wants to find the heaven that has not been found, surpassing it. In doing so, he gets credit for effort, the satisfaction of instinct and pride of achievement.

People not only wish to get heaven, but they also try to get it. Chanting, penance, worship, virtue, chanting, and meditation, the desire to get to heaven is often hidden behind engaging in worship. Although worship is not considered to be superior, it is accepted to some extent if the desire is related to getting things ahead of earthly substances.

Heaven is not a country or place situated apart from the world. Where the people who win the world summer and go live. Heaven is a state of human life, which can be found in this land and this life. One who cannot get that position in this life, he can get that heaven in the long run, if there is any, it is doubtful. Only those who get the heaven of the land in this life can be entitled to find that heaven. If they attain heaven, then their eligibility has to be earned in this land and this life.

What is heaven? Heaven is the condition in which the pleasing loveliness remains around the man. The description of heaven comes in all the religious literature of the world. Do not know how many stories are read about him. People have to be eager for heaven, undertake virtue and effort to attain it, follow charity and spirituality, etc. There is no belief or belief in any religion or religion about the nature of heaven and its characteristics, but the essence of it is that everything is dear and enjoyable there. There are no such reasons, due to which a person is suffering, suffering or suffering. Such heaven, which is characterized by joy and love, humans can live for themselves on this earth and in this life. The conditions inside and outside should be created in such a way that neither adversity is born nor sorrow or mourning. On the contrary, the conditions of love and joy remain. It is a matter of man's control. He can create such a desired paradise for himself here and definitely.

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