Thursday, November 7, 2019

Accept own mistake in life

The thing to consider is that when we can solve most of our life problems, by improving our inner, with little change in our style of thinking, then why lead a confused life? Man is very clever, shows extraordinary tact in various fields, his intelligence is much less appreciated. But in spite of this, when he does not understand the need to improve his attitude and cannot give proper attention to it, his intelligence starts to doubt. He keeps on doing great things with great effort, then why should it be difficult for him to consider his ill-conceived and sentimental errors and be ready to rectify them.
The work of self-determination, self-purification, and self-building is as simple as making the body accustomed to yoga. In the beginning, the mind is reluctant to get into this mess, except for the old practice, it is impossible to put in the new practice, there is some difficulty and trouble also, if the practitioners do not practice the fear of these things or leave them, then the consequences of the rugs It will not be possible to benefit from.

Similarly, if there is no enthusiasm in self-inspection, in finding our faults, everything we do or think is all right, such a misconception, then neither our mistakes will be realized nor there will be enthusiasm to leave them. Like ordinary people, to support their bad habits, the mind will continue to find some logic and reason so that despite being guilty, its innocence can be proved.
The mental structure of most humans is such that they consider themselves innocent in everything. Your evils are not perceived in the same way as mascara in your eye is not visible. Even if another person suggests his mistake, the mind is not ready to accept it. Every man is very clever and microscopic in finding the faults of others, his criticism is made by seeing the power, but when his number comes, all that cleverness, all the criticism power disappears. Just as the trader keeps the difference between buying and selling by increasing the weights and keeping the reduced shares at the time of selling and using the dividends at the time of buying, similarly our vision in finding the evils of others differently. And it works differently when it comes to its point. If this flaw is removed and you start seeing your evil like others, if you worry about improving others, then if you start worrying about improving yourself, such a big work can be done as if the whole world is only on improving It is possible.

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