Thursday, November 7, 2019

Expand your self-esteem to get favorable chance

Human's natural nature is that he is very happy and happy after finding loved ones and loved things around him. As long as he feels his emotional state, he does not experience sorrow, grief or heat. In this way, if favorable things around us, dear person and desired situation continue to be desired, can we not remain happy and content throughout our life? Can live and stay for sure. conditions that keep you happy and content without any problems throughout life is state of life, which we can call paradise on earth.

Desires of people for heaven

Almost everyone is eager to get heaven. Heaven is considered an achievement. It is the desire of a man that he should move from the place where he is. He gets those things which he does not have. Man is not only a living being, but he is also similar to the conscience element. The union of life and wisdom drives him to progress and progress. In which both these elements are present, they cannot keep from trying to move forward and rise. They will try their best for him.

Accept own mistake in life

The thing to consider is that when we can solve most of our life problems, by improving our inner, with little change in our style of thinking, then why lead a confused life? Man is very clever, shows extraordinary tact in various fields, his intelligence is much less appreciated. But in spite of this, when he does not understand the need to improve his attitude and cannot give proper attention to it, his intelligence starts to doubt. He keeps on doing great things with great effort, then why should it be difficult for him to consider his ill-conceived and sentimental errors and be ready to rectify them.
The work of self-determination, self-purification, and self-building is as simple as making the body accustomed to yoga. In the beginning, the mind is reluctant to get into this mess, except for the old practice, it is impossible to put in the new practice, there is some difficulty and trouble also, if the practitioners do not practice the fear of these things or leave them, then the consequences of the rugs It will not be possible to benefit from.

Keep patience for better result of work

It takes time from sowing seeds to sprouting, growing of plant, growing a full tree, and finally flourishing, but also have to try, but child who has just taken seed from it today becomes a tree and becomes day after tomorrow. We hope to see them laden with fruits and flowers, their enthusiasm does not stay long. On very first day, they apply water ten times in middle, ten times fertilizer, but when sprout and tree do not come in front, on second day they leave that effort disappointed and make their mind smaller.

Success is fixed with full of determination

If we are prepared to observe errors of our nature and make necessary corrections in them, then more than three-quarters of life's problems are solved immediately. Instead of dreaming big dreams of success, if we follow a certain path after thinking with thought and with duty with full determination and intent on it, then mind will remain calm, its full powers will be used to fulfill goal and cross floor fast. It will go on From time to time, you will get happiness and satisfaction by seeing success that you get. In this way, your steps towards destination will continue to grow according to a systematic pace.

Fearlessness is a truthful joy of life

The soul of those who is free from fear and filth remains bright and bright. His power grows and becomes effective. A person with a bright and truthful spirit remains fierce and fearless in a thousand rascals and rascals in the same way as lonely people in a swarm of horns and pigs. Fearlessness is an eternal and inexpressible joy. It is achieved only by loyal, truthful words and true behavior. Truth is the best policy of life. The one who follows it is able to build its best in any field.

Employees should discharge their duties honestly

Merchants and factory-makers should sell unsold goods, do not send fake or inferior goods to the market, to avoid profiteering. Price-wise. Give appropriate remuneration to workers and employees. Avoid the policy of exploitation, profiteering and black marketing. With all these ideals, only those who achieve the goal of prosperity will be considered their creators in that direction.

Follow Idealistic peoples for true worship

Construction is construction. No matter what it is - after all, it is creation - this expression cannot be recognized. If bad construction will also be recognized, then there will be no value or importance of excellence and superiority in world. real authority of construction noun can only be excellent construction, not inferior construction. If someone who has used unqualified and unfair measures to make himself rich or scholar, if he is considered rich and scholar, then who will be called a thief, a rascal or a thug, and what will be difference between this so-called rich and learned.

Simplicity is an introduction to man's greatness

Our clothes and food also affect our thoughts and lifestyle. Fabulous, tight and weird fashion clothes do not fail to make a bad impact on the brain. Be careful with them every watch. Simplicity and simplicity in clothes are an introduction to man's greatness. It does not cause difficulty on any occasion. They have a very gentle effect on the purity, purity of mind and intellect. This is also the case with food and drink. The simplicity and simplicity of the diet make the idea the same. The substance is weakened by stimulants like chili, spices, meat, and animalism is awakened. Food and drink are required to remain healthy and not to pollute the mind. The taste buds in the diet produce dementia. Therefore, whatever food is taken, if it is to save a life, then emotions also become upward.
Character protection should be done at every cost. It is not right to ignore even its small tasks.

Superiority emerge through self- restraint

Blasphemy, insinuation, lies, deceit, fraud, adultery, gluttony is all devilish tendencies. Only disastrous results are present from them. But through self-restraint and self-respect, all kinds of personal and social superiorities emerge. The foundation of character-practice is mental purity. In every small business and activities of life, mental status is affected. The result of spiritual purity is good to conduct, which brings happiness. Misdeeds arise from misdeeds, causing suffering, tribulation, and troubles. Therefore, by maintaining a sense of purity even in small tasks, character development occurs. By waking up early in the morning, one gets the privilege of being called a character only if we maintain a sense of purity in the deeds we have to do till we keep working for the whole day and go to sleep in the lap of the mother in the evening. It is a practice whose attainments are eternal.

The importance of prestige for people

It is seen that people like to name their children Ram-Krishna, Shiva-Shankar, Ran, etc. more. It is not dear to anyone to name Ra, Kansa. From this it appears that the prestige and respect of character is found more in people. This thing is not only found in every country, caste and culture. This proves the great importance of character. The fame of fame, fame and respect are not the successes of the outer world. Fame body remains immortal for ages based on his inner superiority. Nobody would know who became the greatest wrestler in the sixteenth century, who is the richest person two centuries before the birth of Jesus, there is no mention of them anywhere in history, but Lord Ram, Krishna, Harish, Shiva the biographies of the great personalities are still remembered by the people.
Dishonest people cannot maintain their external powers for long. Their plight is obvious by walking on misdeeds.

Meaning of human life is goodwill towards all

meaning of human life comes from its bright and stimulating character. Partners of social prestige are those in whom lack of character force is not found. credibility of people, which everyone believes in, falls on others. But based on eloquence, you can even teach a sly person. But ability to impress others, power to show people light of sunrise is in person of character. Character is homogeneity of thoughts and virtues. Whose views may seem to be seen, but ethos is always different, selfish, or those whose thoughts are full of deceit and deceit and have habit of performing act of sign worship in form of cheating, cheating others. Can be said basis of truth is will of will.

Work is successful by experienced guider

Just as a teacher of practical guidance is required for the education of worldly art skills and knowledge science, similarly for self-building, there is a need for a guide who has personal experience of self-building. The need for a guru has been emphasized a lot in spiritual texts because alone it is very difficult to find oneself. Do not automatically see your bad luck and do not know your progress properly. Just as the examiner can ascertain the knowledge and labor of the students in the same way, only the experienced street viewers can find out the internal state of the seeker.