Thursday, November 7, 2019

Expand your self-esteem to get favorable chance

Human's natural nature is that he is very happy and happy after finding loved ones and loved things around him. As long as he feels his emotional state, he does not experience sorrow, grief or heat. In this way, if favorable things around us, dear person and desired situation continue to be desired, can we not remain happy and content throughout our life? Can live and stay for sure. conditions that keep you happy and content without any problems throughout life is state of life, which we can call paradise on earth.

Desires of people for heaven

Almost everyone is eager to get heaven. Heaven is considered an achievement. It is the desire of a man that he should move from the place where he is. He gets those things which he does not have. Man is not only a living being, but he is also similar to the conscience element. The union of life and wisdom drives him to progress and progress. In which both these elements are present, they cannot keep from trying to move forward and rise. They will try their best for him.

Accept own mistake in life

The thing to consider is that when we can solve most of our life problems, by improving our inner, with little change in our style of thinking, then why lead a confused life? Man is very clever, shows extraordinary tact in various fields, his intelligence is much less appreciated. But in spite of this, when he does not understand the need to improve his attitude and cannot give proper attention to it, his intelligence starts to doubt. He keeps on doing great things with great effort, then why should it be difficult for him to consider his ill-conceived and sentimental errors and be ready to rectify them.
The work of self-determination, self-purification, and self-building is as simple as making the body accustomed to yoga. In the beginning, the mind is reluctant to get into this mess, except for the old practice, it is impossible to put in the new practice, there is some difficulty and trouble also, if the practitioners do not practice the fear of these things or leave them, then the consequences of the rugs It will not be possible to benefit from.

Keep patience for better result of work

It takes time from sowing seeds to sprouting, growing of plant, growing a full tree, and finally flourishing, but also have to try, but child who has just taken seed from it today becomes a tree and becomes day after tomorrow. We hope to see them laden with fruits and flowers, their enthusiasm does not stay long. On very first day, they apply water ten times in middle, ten times fertilizer, but when sprout and tree do not come in front, on second day they leave that effort disappointed and make their mind smaller.

Success is fixed with full of determination

If we are prepared to observe errors of our nature and make necessary corrections in them, then more than three-quarters of life's problems are solved immediately. Instead of dreaming big dreams of success, if we follow a certain path after thinking with thought and with duty with full determination and intent on it, then mind will remain calm, its full powers will be used to fulfill goal and cross floor fast. It will go on From time to time, you will get happiness and satisfaction by seeing success that you get. In this way, your steps towards destination will continue to grow according to a systematic pace.